5 Reasons To Choose doTERRA Essential Oils

March 7, 2023

When I started my oil journey eight years ago with my first Oregano oil from a health

food store, I was intrigued, curious and then completely hooked! Why had it taken until I was forty-five to find out about essential oils???

I was then introduced to Young living essential oils as my dear friend put oils on my dog, oils in my water, oils on everything… she was the crazy oils lady!

(Now I am too. 😊)

DoTERRA came into my life in 2015, introduced to me by a close friend.

My question obviously then turned to why should I use doTERRA? Why not health food store oils? Even WalMart and Canadian Tire sell oils. I had options.

In the next five points, I am hoping I can share some key factors that have made me come to love the heart, culture, and ultimately the oils from this amazing company.

1. The Integrity and Skill of the Leadership

DoTERRA was founded over eleven years ago by seven experienced business, wellness and essential oil experts. There are no outside investors with doTERRA. The owners personally funded the start-up and own 100% of the company. This really impressed me – they changed their lifestyles, took second mortgages, worked without pay, etc. so that they could keep out investors, and maintain control of the direction and integrity of the company.

DoTERRA is now the largest oil company in the world and remains entirely debt-free. As of September 2018, doTERRA has over three million members.

The founders had previously worked for another large essential oil company, and after all leaving the company for various reasons, decided to combine their years of experience and knowledge to address areas of the essential oil industry they believed could be improved. I have really come to admire and respect what the owners did to start this company, and what they’ve done since. I have seen how their commitment to doing things with the utmost of integrity, and “practicing what they preach”, brings good to every area of the company.

2. The Purity of the Oils

DoTERRA is passionate about sourcing the oils where they are grow natively, making sure they have the best natural growing conditions, and harvesting and distilling the oils in a was that ensures that the final product is the highest quality possible. This leads to high quality, unique oils that outperform(?) oils found in health food stores and spas.

CPTG TESTING - This is one of the main reasons I trust doTERRA for my family.

DoTERRA wanted the quality assurance of their oils to be completely transparent, so they pioneered a standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), which is monitored and verified by third-party laboratories including the APRC (Aromatic Plant Research Company https://aromaticplant.org/). Six rigorous tests are performed on every later litre of oil before the final product is bottled. These tests insure that the oils are free from the presence of fungus, mold, pesticides and any other contaminants.

If diving into the scientific process behind this certification interests you, check out this great article on doterrablog.com. This in-depth certification process helps doTERRA makes sure every drop of their oil is safe and pure.

3. They Work To Make a Difference

I love that doTERRA has a non-profit charity.

It’s called Healing Hands and it’s funded by members, employees and the executives. We have the option to donate a dollar (or more) each month in the USA, on our monthly orders, and they raise additional funds through special events or by selling special products. In Canada, we can purchase HOPE oil, with every cent going towards rescuing women and children trapped in the world of sex trafficking.

In 2016 doTERRA matched a $10,000 fundraising effort we personally ran as part of our own not-for-profit organization in Zimbabwe. (www.mercymandate.org) We were able to build the foundations of 3 adoption homes for kids in this ongoing project.

Healing Hands is my favourite part of what doTERRA does. Read more about Healing Hands and their amazing projects HERE

4. Co-Impact Sourcing

When DoTERRA finds the perfect place to naturally source an oil they reach out to local farmers -- many of who’s families have been growing and harvesting the oil's plant for generations -- to develop a business partnership. Rather than simply buying oils from these farmers, DoTerra also helps them form cooperatives, teaches them improved growing, harvesting, and distilling techniques, and drastically improves their quality of life. Not only do they pay them above fair wages, but but they often bring in the Healing Hands foundation to improve the community as a whole. I love what they are doing in Kenya through co-impact sourcing of pink pepper and geranium.

Watch this beautiful, moving video that describes why doTERRA uses the Co-Impact sourcing model and how they do it. It is worth five minutes of your time.


This means by purchasing doTERRA essential oils we are providing thousands of jobs around the world, changing families and blessing communities. This is exciting!!

5. Education

DoTERRA is wonderful about providing hundreds of hours of free education, guidance, recipes and other support for both oil users and those wanting to build a business. (The business opportunity is very generous and well done too!) We have company-wide resources as well as some rich resources from our own specific team,  ( Totalhealtheo community ) like weekly webinars and reference books. The printed resources are wonderful, there are multiple Facebook groups and their customer service is OUTSTANDING. We can directly email for product support of any kind and there is a detailed pdf for each oil at doterratools.com.

In Conclusion

Words could never express how I’ve been changed for the better because of the people I’ve met through doTERRA. Relationships have been strengthened, deep friendships made, and our lives have been changed. Our team is exceptionally amazing (I may be biased). It is absolutely FULL of talented, big-hearted, honest, loving, giving people. I’m honoured to know them and work with them.

This is way past long enough (thanks for hanging in there) but I hope it gives some insight into why more people trust doTERRA with their family than any other oil company in the world.

Are you ready to choose doTERRA?  https://www.mydoterra.com/totalhealtheo/#/

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