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Welcome to the THEO Community!

Your wellness is important to you. In fact, a sound body and mind is your most important asset! 


Our community here at THEO believes in supporting each other through our knowledge of essential oils and natural living.

THEO's growing library of Essential Oils articles, specially designed online training courses, recipes, and research papers are all yours to learn from, and our wellness consultants are always happy to connect with your and give you even more personal help on your essential oil journey!

Daphne Clark, the head oil expert at Total Health Essential Oils, your online Essential Oil Education Community.
Daphne Clark the head oil expert at Total Health Essential Oils, your online Essential Oil Education Community. Daphne is seen standing with her husband Darrin.

About Daphne

Hi I'm Daphne, a South African learning to navigate life in one of the most beautiful (but coldest!) places on the planet: Calgary, Canada.


I'm a mom to 4 kids, learning to adjust to an empty nest, menopause, and discovering more of who I am in this next, adventurous stage of life.


I studied nutrition in the late 1980's (back when margarine was healthier than butter... so much has changed!). I now spend my time running a child-focused not-for-profit with my amazing husband, and helping families manage their own wellness, and for some, live financially independent lives. I love empowering women to follow their dreams, and be the best version of themselves, unleashing their true God-designed potential!


I love being creative, and outside of business you'll find me cooking, sewing, and painting wooden signs, (all while hanging out with friends and family!).


Welcome to Class!

Join me for an incredible and insightful learning experience that is taught one on one! Follow the link below to learn more about Essential Oils, and sign up today!

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Do you have any questions about health and wellness, essential oils, or growing a wellness support business with us? Please feel free to get in touch, we'd love to chat with you!


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