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My Story

If we can do it, 

anyone can!

My Journey With DöTerra

At 48 years of age I started a business that has revolutionized my family's health, and given us the financial freedom to enjoy our lives to the fullest!   


In 2012, While living in Toronto, Canada, I was introduced to my first “official” essential oil – Oregano. WOW  did it work (and burn like crazy as I placed it under my tongue).


At that time I was a full-time children's pastor and I loved what I did. I was also running a very successful sewing school with over 74 students per week, raising 4 kids, and helping my amazing hubby launch a Zimbabwe-based not-for-profit company, Mercy Mandate.


Life was full and I was content. We then moved to the beautiful city of Calgary, close to the most majestic Rocky mountains. We were happy and knew that new and exciting things were on the horizon.

In 2014, a friend gifted me with a kit of döTERRA essential oils and a diffuser which I was completely clueless about how to use. At the time I had been buying oils from health food stores, and briefly had a membership with a different essential oils company. 


The friend also offered me the opportunity to build a döTerra business with her. For almost a year I said no, then yes, and then no again! I couldn't even remember what peppermint oil was used for, how could I do this as a business? And wasn’t this a pyramid scheme? Wasn’t network marketing supposed to be bad? (Oh my, how far I've come since then!)


One night in January of 2015 I dreamed that I was building a döTerra business. I woke up so excited, but confused, was this something I was supposed to do? That same day I received an email from the friend who had gifted me the döTerra oils in the first place, in which she invited me for the very last time, to build this business with her. I felt like God was speaking, so I said yes!


Twenty-two months into this business journey we received our first Diamond Leader check. I cried, I laughed, I screamed, and I ran around high-fiving all of our kids! We'd never seen such amazing income in one month!


Three and a half years from when I started, my husband and I were Blue Diamond leaders and the excitement continues! We have an international team of leaders, have completely replaced our previous salaries, still pastor, travel constantly, and have even more opportunity to do the work we love with kids and families in Zimbabwe.


If we can do this anyone can! Working with DöTERRA is a legitimate and viable business. Motivation, and a willingness to develop yourself as a person is all you need!


We now work with six wonderful team-leaders, all of different ages, and from all over the world. We love each of the teams we work with, have gained an amazing family through this, and we treasure the journey of life together.


We love what we do, and what we do has given us the ability to provide amazingly for our family, and to pursue everything we truly value in life. We wouldn't change it for the world! We hope you'll consider joining my team as we pursue this amazing adventure!



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