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Asked Questions



  • I'm not Canadian, can I still join your team?

    • Of course! I have team members all around the world.

  • Is this a pyramid scheme?

    • This video is an amazing example of the differences between a pyramid scheme and Network Marketing: *link goes here*

  • Are there any minimums or quotas?

    • Only for business builders, not for customers.

  • How many hours per week should I expect to commit to this if I want to build?

    • Fifteen hours per week has great reward, but the amount of hours you put in is dependant on how much and how quickly you want to grow. 

  • I'm already on another doTerra team. Can I switch to yours?

    • No, we are a company of honour and integrity and don't poach from other teams.

  • Can I just be a customer without building the business?

    • Absolutely! Our main goal is to help families and individuals with wellness and health, and only those who want it, to build a business. 

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