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The Business Model

Most people focus on earning linear income, receiving payment based on salary, wage, or commission. This type of income is directly dependent on the number of hours we work. When I owned my sewing school I was my own boss, I loved this, but if I ever needed to get away or take time off, I never got paid. If I employed others I had other worries: this was a home-based business that relied on my skills, my talents, and my love of working with children.


Network Marketing is different - it allows you to create a financial pipeline, which will generate income from you even when you're not able to. Network Marketing with the right company is an opportunity for true financial freedom--being paid to create a network of customers and fellow marketers! These videos below really help to explain both the power of residual income and exactly what building a pipeline looks like. They gave me the "aha!" moments that helped launch me on my network marketing journey.

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